Give Miami Day: Miami, Show Us What You Got

Give Miami Day 2013

Miami, the clock is ticking! Give Miami Day is upon us, and we’ve  got only 24 hours to set a new record.

Now in its second year, Give Miami Day is a 24-hour online initiative sponsored by The Miami Foundation. The event raises both funds and awareness for Miami nonprofit organizations, and is meant to foster a spirit of philanthropy in South Florida. Last year, Give Miami Day raised approximately $1.2 million for 300 organizations.

Miami, c’mon now. We can do better than that. The Heat basically spend as much on victory celebrations at LIV. I think the whole of South Florida and our friends from afar can raise more money to help better this beautiful community.

“Who do I look like?! LeBron James?! I don’t have a million gajillion dollars to spare!!!!11111”

Dude, relax. Minimum donations start at $25, so instead of going out on Friday, put your money to some good use. Send some kids to camp or help save a life. Do something.

For more information on how this works, visit The Miami Foundation website.

To donate (by credit card or debit only), visit the Give Miami Day event site.

Like I said, the clock is ticking…

Shout out to the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet and the Haitian Heritage Museum, my two picks of the many wonderful and deserving Miami organizations.

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